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There are various stores you can opt-in to buy any goods you need to stock up. As for Thinx, you can easily get them from online store such as Amazon and other stores, you may also walk into any physical stores to get your products.

Best Thinx Underwear for Period

  • Thinx Modal Cotton Brief | Period Underwear for Women | Moderate Absorbency, Fir 3X

I’ve never used thinx or any other kind of period sanitary protection before. In general, I thought they were excellent. A few ideas that have been running through my head:

Advantages: – They do what they’re supposed to! They do what they say they will do, which is to absorb blood and wick away moisture.

The seal is tight! I wore them all night with a moderate to heavy flow and they kept everything in place. In the early hours, it was jam-packed. Having no worries while you sleep is a significant benefit. Particularly if you choose one of the more comprehensive overnight treatments.

– appear to be ordinary undergarments

Like wings (no leakage from the side), but without the annoying plastic flaps typically found on disposable pads.

Safe for the environment. To save on disposable pads was a welcome relief. On a lighter day, after washing them, I was able to wear them all day without any discomfort, whereas before I would have needed several pads.

Negatives/Things to Think About: – If you’re in between sizes, choose the smaller one. Most Old Navy bottoms fit me somewhere between a medium and a large. (5″3″, 160 lbs). I normally wear a size large in pants, but these were just a tad too big, so even when I pushed them up high, the edges of the pants wouldn’t remain flush against me.

If you are on the fence about which size to buy, I would recommend sizing down. All of the edges are rounded and sturdy, so they won’t cut you.

– staleness During times of heavy flow, I long for pads since I could swap them out for a clean one after using the restroom. On days when I’m very heavy, I find it annoying to have to pull my thinx back up after they’ve already been soaked in blood. I’m sure I’ll adjust, but in the meanwhile, I miss the clean feeling of a new pad each time I use the restroom. Even though they wick away sweat, these aren’t ideal for particularly sweaty days.

To get past the “ew” factor. When they get dirty, you’re meant to just toss them in with the rest of your laundry, and it kind of creeps me off. But thinx guarantees that even after a cold wash and air drying, they are hygienic and ready for use.

  • Thinx Hiphugger Period Underwear for Women, Heavy Absorbency Period Panties, Feminine Care, Dusk, Thinx Sport Period Underwear for Women

I didn’t have much faith in it, to begin with, but I gave it a shot because tampons made me feel ill and pads give me rashes. After weeks of research, I realized that most people use tampons when they have a heavy flow; however, I do not have a heavy flow; rather, I have a super heavy flow, and I spot. Blood seeped through my jeans because the tampon I was wearing leaked. These probably aren’t for you if you have extremely high blood pressure and a very high blood flow. Instead, I recommend picking up some baby powder and butt paste.

  • Thinx Hiphugger Period Underwear for Women, Moderate Absorbency Period Panties, Fem…

The oversized first impression of these pantyhose is deceptive; they fit as expected. After taking a glance at my underpants, I just couldn’t believe my butt was that large. When you wore them, you wouldn’t have guessed they were so huge. Since I am between sizes 10 and 12, I purchased a big one.

I had an incontinence episode once when I was stuck in front of a computer for too long and worried that I would have to stand in a puddle because I couldn’t get to the restroom in time. Not so.

The fluid was contained within the underwear and none leaked out. I had to swap them out, but they offered a lot of security and meant I didn’t have to worry about being humiliated in public.

Basically, the worst that could have happened is that I got wet. Thankfully, I was already home and in the process of changing pants. The product’s high price is its only drawback. Extremely expensive, yet effective, if you require anything washable to Catch your Leaks.

  • Speax by Thinx | Hi-Waist | Incontinence Underwear for Women | Leak Proof Underwear for Women | Washable Incontinence Underwear Women | Bladder Control Underwear for Women | Feminine Care

Great comfort and absorbency, but the stitching aren’t the best; a little hole appeared after only two wears on the side of the pants; I might try to stitch it together myself, as it appears to be a DIY job. You should probably have a spare pair because they need to be washed and dried by hand. There were warnings that the padding will come apart in the dryer, so I elected to air-dry it instead.

  • Thinx Modal Cotton Boyshort | Period Underwear for Women | Super Absorbency, Slate 3X

For reference, I ordered a size 2x even though I usually wear a size 20/22. They’re a perfect size and so soft and cozy! My large butt isn’t even noticed in these boxer briefs, and they haven’t ridden up much while I’ve been walking around.

Excellent absorbency. I’ve had an extremely busy day with endometritis, but it hasn’t filled up yet. Suitable for both daytime and overnight use. Washing them requires either hand washing, rising them beforehand, or purchasing enough pairs to accomplish a single cycle of laundry.

Even after washing, the smell of blood can persist on other clothes; however, as I mentioned earlier, you can rinse them off (I do this in the shower) and wash them with your regular load.

However, that is a standard problem with all types of reusable menstrual underwear and pads. Other than that, they’re perfect. You’re paying more than you would for a similar product, but you’ll get your money’s worth in terms of durability and longevity.

Last but not least, the crinkly sound that some period underwear creates is a result of the materials utilized. Absolutely not; this has zero effect. The absorbent section isn’t bulky, and the design ensures that it doesn’t show through even the thinnest of leggings.

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  • Thinx Hi-Waist Period Underwear | Menstrual Underwear | Absorbent Period Underwear for Women | Leak-Resistant Period Panties (Black, XS)

Put in an order for this and a competing brand to evaluate side by side. For nighttime comfort, I needed a garment that would prevent me from having to check for bleed through every several hours (sleep through the night is precious if you can get it).

A lot longer went by before I observed any leakage with the second brand, and it seemed to operate just as well. Not sure if I’d recommend wearing them all day without a tampon or panty liner. You’ll never be more grateful for wearing a dark hue to church than after you’ve just had an unpleasant event.

  • Thinx Hi-Waist Period Underwear | Menstrual Underwear | Absorbent Period Underwear

Seriously cozy! On my heaviest day, they worked for me for about half the day. If the weather forecast called for light to moderate rain, this would do just well. The combination of convenience and durability makes this a must-have.

  • Thinx Air Hiphugger, Period Underwear for Women, Period Panties in Superberry, Lightest Absorbency

Since I needed something that could soak up more than four tampons, I opted for these. I got these and a pair and a half of the women’s size 13/14 to try out. Below I refer to this blood-absorbing component as a “pad” because I don’t know what else to term it.

Analyzing XXS and Girls 13/14

When compared to one another, two are very similar. My 13/14 fits the same as a woman’s, except that it absorbs just 4 tampons instead of 5, and the breadth of the bottom is narrower for the girls because they don’t have the same bikini cut. My guess is that the Shorties are roomier than the briefs.

Although the difference in width bothers some people, I haven’t experienced any leakage although I’m 5’1″ and 103 pounds with a 24″ waist and 33″ hips.

For the same sum I paid in November, I’ve been able to increase the girls’ absorption rate by a factor of 5.

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